London’s New Oil Well 1947

Like the man says, “Oil wells are always interesting things, whether they’re in London, Texas or anywhere in the world. Oil wells are mighty interesting things”

The Willesden #1 well didn’t find any oil, unlike the 1912 White Heather Laundry well 500 meters away.  It did find natural gas, which unfortunately was considered useless in 1947.  There was no natural gas market in Europe until the Netherlands discovered huge quantities of gas in 1958.

Arthur Rutherford was one of the men who went to the UK to drill for oil, quite successfully during World War Two.

Willesden #1 was the last well they drilled.  The oil and the gas are still there, pointing to what our geologists believe to be an entirely new oil and gas province literally under the feet of a market using 9 Billion Cubic Meters of natural gas a year. Nowhere more exotic than London Underground Fare Zone 3.