London Local Energy: When

United Kingdom oil and natural gas resources belong to the Crown. They are owned by the many, not the few. The debate whether to use them – or not – must also be made by the many.

The Oil and Gas Authority is charged with Maximising Economic Recovery of the UK’s natural resources. We ask them to open the 15th Onshore Licensing Round as soon as possible.

LLE knows public acceptance has been the key barrier to accessing UK natural gas onshore. We believe accelerating the debate before the license round ensures earlier success after it.

We don’t want public acceptance or acquiescence. We want to create public enthusiasm. We ask for the media and the public to abandon outdated concepts and join us in an informed debate involving the many, not the few.

After a license approval, we anticipate a two to three year process of exploration and analysis to assess if there could be a movement toward a production phase. That would be the appropriate time to have a debate over production.

Annual production of 1 BCM would bring tax revenue to national, city and borough levels of £75 million at current gas prices and taxation levels. That could mean 15,000 solar panel installations or 15,000 home energy insulations per year. Or it could be starting salaries for 3,000 nurses, teachers or police. That’s for the many to decide not us.

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