We love all energy sources. Except one

Let’s make this clear. This isn’t a choice between renewables and natural gas. LLE are as Green as anyone else. We live in London, love our air, our water and our children just like you. We want what you want.

We think the energy transition includes renewables, efficiency, smart meters, nuclear – and natural gas, especially in heat.

We don’t like coal. Not in the UK, not in the US, not in Germany, not in Poland, not in China, not in India – not anywhere.  Using the gas under our feet releases gas for sale to people not as fortunate as we are.

We’re already lucky enough to be citizens of the greatest city on earth. Our own natural gas resources make us luckier still.

This isn’t a competition between energy sources. Renewables, efficiency and natural gas; It’s a recipe. Not a menu.  We have to eat the whole thing.

Different strokes for different folks.  100% renewables where that works. Efficiency is great but we’re going to hit the floor at some point. You don’t go on a low-carb diet by starving to death.

Zero Carbon Electricity by 2030? Sounds good to us.  We want  to have 40% lower carbon heat TODAY!

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